Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Redheads can't wear red? I disagree!

When I was younger I was told redheads couldn't wear red.. hmm I disagree. I think redheads look BANGING in red. Especially red and white palm print satin! 

Who is loving the sunshine at the moment? YEEESSSS to Summer heat!! 

 I am always happier when it is sunny and when a girls night with my best friend in the whole world is on the cards Natalie is even happier! When a girls night of cocktails is on the horizon I knew I needed to find a sexy little number that would be perfect. My best friend Charlotte loves getting all glammed up as much as I do, so it is an excuse to get those glad rags on and to take some selfies! Does anyone else love getting ready for a girls night just as much as actually going out? 

This is not a dress like you would assume, it is a top and skirt co ord but doesn't it look beautiful together. I love a co ord especially when it comes to holiday packing. They are just an effortless way of getting more than one way of wearing an item. Just imagine this top with denim shorts and flatforms in the Summer, and then this skirt with a white cami and some killer heels on a Summers evening. Making them a fail proof packing option.

This skirt is so beautiful, one thing with clothing from Never Fully Dressed is that they are normally one size fits all. Which is perfect as there is no problem with finding a size that will fit you, you order it and know it will fit. Both of these items are so easily adapted to any size figure or shape due to the draw string detail on the blouse and the wrap around fit of the skirt. Also because they are so easily adapted they are incredibly flattering as you can pull them in as tight as you want to, making them so figure hugging showing off all those curves. 

The v neck neckline of the blouse is so flattering, I love a deep v neck, having literally zero boobs I just find they give me a look that shows off my petiteness, being not well endowed definitely has some perks, this being one of them as you never have to worry about falling out of them as there is nothing to fall out. Every cloud and all that.

The luxurious satin fabric of this set also adds an extra ooze of glamour. I love the feel of satin on my skin, I instantly feel sexy and like a princess. Isn't it funny how some fabrics as soon as you wear them you feel instantly lifted and so much more attractive. I mean, put a thick wool jumper on and then satin or silk item on straight after and man do you feel like a completely different woman! 

The slight bat wing on the sleeves is also a really nice addition to the blouse, it gives out some slight Spanish seƱorita vibes, felt like that red flamingo girl emoji. 

Then to finish off I stole my best friends heels that she bought to go with one of her outfit options and didn't end up wearing. Love when that happens, ended up with a new pair of shoes for the evening. I needed a new pair of black heels as mine are literally on there last legs. These are from Boohoo, and Charlotte said she wore them for a matter of an hour and was crippled in pain but I wanted to wear them as they looked perfect with my outfit. They were high, and after about 5 hours I did have to take them off and walk bare foot, but hey no one saw that! 

For my hair, I have worn my hair up so many times recently so I went for a really full and thick messy waves look to add a bit more volume. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Got that Gucci thing going on

How has another week been and gone and we are now nearly half way through June.. erm excuse me can this year please just slow down a bit please?! 

So anyway unless you have been living under a rock for the past week or don't follow me on social media at all, then you will know that I bought myself the fashion must have on every instagrammers wish list a couple of weeks ago to celebrate making the top 20 young bloggers. The Gucci belt. 

So naturally when it was girls night on Saturday when lots of cocktails on the cards I had to wear it and show you all the first of many ways in which I am planning to style this beautiful new staple in my closet. 

Like I said on my YouTube channel I will be wearing this all the time, at every given opportunity. Not because I want to get my moneys worth, because DAMMNNN it was expensive girl! But because I genuinely just love it and think it is going to be my go to item for this Summer and Winter, and Spring.. Okay, okay all year round. So hello Gucci belt and welcome to your first Ginger Natalie outfit blog post.

As it was girls cocktail night I wanted to feel uber glam but without having to get everything out on show as I did certainly not want to take any attention of my beloved new Gucci belt. I have been wearing culottes and trousers a lot recently so I didn't want to go for that choice again. Skinny jeans I just wasn't feeling, so my extremely ripped mom jeans were going to be chosen. I love these jeans more than life. What I love most about them is that they rip more and more with every wear. Also they show off my toned legs that I work so hard for without them being completely out on show. Sadly my holiday tan has completely gone now so out comes the fake bake! 

The acid wash along with the baggy mom fit of these jeans contrasts the chicness and formal feel of the belt. I mean come on, this belt is going to literally look amazing with whatever I put it with but I want to push the boundaries and wear it with something super casual on the bottom and these jeans are definitely that. 

To add another texture to the look I rolled the hems up on them and then added this seasons Natalie heels the green Zara metallic courts. That pop of colour adds that wow factor to an otherwise fairly monocromatic look. Guess what, they are super comfortable too, as soon as I put a pair of heels on and get the old legs out that is it. GLAM NATALIE HAS ARRIVED!!!! 

As feminine as a pair of killer heels make me feel I wanted something really flirty and fun to complete my look which is where this bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing comes in perfectly. I bought this last year I think and one good thing about being majorly flat chested is low cut bodysuits. I mean, if there is nothing there to fall out of your top then might as well make the most of it. 

This bodysuit has been on so many holidays with me as it makes me feel super glamorous, flirty and a bit cheeky if I am honest. Your outfit is the first thing people see when you meet them so you need to make a good impression and let them know a little bit about you without even needing to open your mouth. I would like to say this outfit would say to people.. hmmm let me think..

Glamorous, girly, extremely feminine with an addiction for all things fashion. Well that is what I hope this outfit would say. 

Then the bag. Now if you ave followed me for a while you know how much I am a sucker for a bit of designer arm candy. But I didn't want to go all out there and be a walking talking designer billboard for labels so I went for my cute new raffia bag from Zara. Just how cute is this bag and all for just £30. 

This bag I originally bought for my next holiday as I was in desperate need for a beach bag but I have to say this has been upgraded to a evening bag. Another great thing is that it has a drawstring lining, which enables you to secure all your items without people seeing what you are carrying. I am extremely naive when it comes to things like that so that is a huge bonus. 

Another thing.. just look at those cute pom poms. This bag is going to be that Summer go to bag so expect to see it a lot over the Summer. 


Outfit Details

Bodysuit- Pretty Little Thing (No longer available)
Jeans- Topshop (No longer available)
Bag- Zara (No longer online) 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Gucci Guilty

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, espeically when you reach milestone points or reach targets or goals you have set out to achieve. This for me was my reasoning behind it, but then I am a shopaholic and I can justify almost every purchase. Go on girl, you made it till 11am without having some chocolate so have a bar, go on treat yourself! 

But this time I was really proud of myself that Influence Digest awarded me the amazing achievement of being one of the top 20 bloggers in the world. YES. ME. MENTAL. To be honest it still hasn't sunk in but I am so thankful and feel completely blessed to even be nominated let alone actually make the cut! 

So what would I treat myself too.. HMMMMM...

Well as you can see, I bought the most Instagramable item on the internet right now. A GUCCI FRIGGING BELT!!!!!

Just how beautiful. Now unless you have been living in a cave for the last 6 months I am sure this belt has appeared on your news feed at least once a day, everyone seems to have one and now I am one of those everyones! Proud moment right there.

Now, I normally go for a handbag when I want to splurge on something designer but I felt like I wanted a change, plus the handbag I am lusting after at the moment is nearly a thousand pound, so best get saving. Or, guilt trip my parents who are leaving me next year in January to visit Thailand (you all know my feelings on this place) on my birthday. So I feel like I might have to make them feel awful in the hope they treat me to something that will make me extremely happy. A new bag! 

Now what drew me to this belt? Well seeing as there was probably a strong chance I have been brainwashed by the brand and other bloggers alike with the constant photos I wanted to buy something that would remind me in years to come how much blogging has changed my life, that I would still want to wear and something I would get a lot of wear out of. So a belt was the natural choice. 

Now was the incredibly tricky problem of tracking one down. Now if it wasn't hard enough to find the belt everyone is after, I also want it in the most common size. I am a size 6 and needed a size 75 as I wanted it to go with high waist jeans and skirts as that is the only style that compliments me and makes me look taller, a short girls gotta try everything she can. Angles, lighting, leg lengthening illusions, it HAS to be done. 

So there was when I went on the hunt. I searched high and low and EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE was out of stock. So where would I go to make my dreams come true. Amber at Tailored Styling of course....

This girl is the fashion fairy godmother. If you want something and can't find it anywhere then she is your girl!!!!! She has sourced a few things for me now and nothing is too small or too big for her to find. Amber has literally the dream job, and I am not envious at all. MUCH! But if I am honest, I am such an impulsive person and have an addictive personality that I would go out to buy and source things for a client, fall in love with them myself and end up buying two. I have ZERO will power when it comes to shopping. So I take my hat off to her, I honestly don't know how she does it! 

So, when I contacted her I knew it was a huge ask and she said she would try her hardest to find the latest addition to my wardrobe that I have been LUSTING for but it wasn't going to be instant. Now I hate waiting, nothing in life gets me more rilled up than waiting. Waiting for anything just annoys me. So waiting even longer for something I have wanted for so long was actual torture.  

So a few weeks passed and then a massage came up on my screen "Amber- Tailored Styling". 


I own the dream belt, the belt you are all going to be fed up of seeing, the belt that makes me happy, the belt that is going to go with everything!!!

Tailored Styling Instagram "@tailoredstyling"

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Clash with confidence

Fashion is all about confidence. The key accessory to any killer outfit is a huge smile and a drenching of sass!

I find that if you are confident and feel good in what you are wearing then that translates into your mood and oozes out of you. So be confident and you can carry anything off, even stripes and florals! 

Yes, this outfit is bold but that is why I love it, most people if they bought either of these items would wear them with something relatively simple as they are such stand out pieces. Whereas I put them both together and make an out there statement. Hello, Natalie has arrived!!! 

The main thing to remember when styling prints and stripes together is to keep the base colour the same as this will pull the whole outfit together and not look like you have just picked out two items and just tried to wing it. Saying that though, one thing this girl loves to do especially when it comes to things you most certainly shouldn't take chances with or wing I definitely do! 

So the base colour to this look is white and this is carried through this look through the bold stripes of the trousers and the centre of the flowers. This is the key and crucial point to remember when clashing with confidence.

You might recognise these trousers as I also have them in yellow, and in typical Natalie style I loved them so much that I bought them in another colour, damn you impulsive compulsive personality. I love everything about these trousers though, the length, the fit, the high rise, the tie waist, they are just effortlessly chic and look uber glamorous even on someone so short they fit into children's clothing.You just have to adapt styles and shapes to fit you, these are listed as culottes but they are full length on me and look stunning with heels. 

The stripes give a really summery and nautical feel to the look whilst still looking stylish and they look so much more expensive than they were. 

Then the bodysuit, how stunning is this?

Bodysuits are my fool proof item in my wardrobe that go with everything. They go perfectly with anything high waisted and tuck in without over hang or scrunched up fabric. I mean, no one likes having to constantly tuck there top into there jeans or having to try everything they can in order to disguise and smooth things out so that it looks seamless, so bodysuits just have you sorted! They got youuu girl!!!!

The bodysuit is fitted from the waist down, yet bellowed on the main body with frills giving a real Spanish, summer vibe to the look. I also really love the one sleeve design of this as it is really flattering as it exposes the collar bone but without the full off the shoulder look that a bardot top offers. 

I love yellow at the moment, it is just a colour that as soon as you wear you feel super summery and makes me smile. That teamed with the girly flirtiness of the ruffles and pink flowers is a match made in print heaven. Another thing I like is that even though they are flowers, they are not typical flowers if that makes sense? They are grown up flowers!

I then finished the look with my white Tag Heuer watch that is my one and only watch that I wear all the time. I am so glad I went for this one, white goes with everything and the mix of silver and gold hardware enables it to perfectly accentuate and work with any outfit. 

Then lastly is the shoes. I knew I wanted something super simple, yet effortless and leg lengthening due to the length and oversized feel of the trousers.. now what shoes would be perfect. Oh yes, WELCOME BACK Louboutins!! 

These are my favourite heels and every time I wear them they remind me of just how hard I have worked to be where I am and how proud I should be of what I have done in my dream of becoming a blogger as they were my present to myself for my blog being one year old last year. These shoes are the pigalle 100 and go with everything! 

Most people you speak to say that Louboutins are uncomfortable, I don't find that at all, saying that though, if I went for the 120s that I was originally going to go for it might be a different story. But I didn't, and I love them, they go with everything and complete this outfit effortlessly!

Outfit Links:

Bodysuit- Zara
Trousers- Zara
Heels- Louboutins

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Dress like its Summer....

Summer fashion for me is all about those bright colours! Bright colours and florals are what Summer fashion is all about, am I right? There is something instantly mood enhancing about either seeing bright colours or putting on bright colours, I mean look at that smile on my face? Girl was I happy. Well I was happy about the outfit and the fact I was off to an Urban Decay launch night for some new products with one of my fellow blogger friends.

Now like I have said many times before on my blog I LOVE ZARA. Zara is one of those stores where I can always find something to catch my eye and make me part with my cash. This season is NO exception, I have bought so many new pieces for my Summer wardrobe and it is expanding every time I click that "New In" button on the website. 

Trousers are not normally something I wear a great deal of to be honest, being petite I find it incredibly hard to find a pair that fit me well on the waist, the leg length and most importantly on the bum. It is like finding the perfect jeans all over again. But Zara you have pulled through for me yet again!!

I wore a pair last week when I visited London and they just fitted like a dream, so in true Natalie style, I couldn't just leave it at one pair, I HAD to buy another in a different colour. Standard. 

To be honest though I probably would have been lured into buying these trousers on the colour alone. Powder blue, you are my new colour friend and I need more of you in my life. 

So these trousers are a mid rise fit and come with belt loop holes, which is going to be perfect for the latest addition I am thinking of adding to my designer collection.. can you guess?

I love the crease down the centre of my trousers as it elongates your legs and gives a tailored finish to the item. I am getting a lot more adventurous when it comes to my fashion choices, and often the moment you step out of your comfort zone is when you find something you love and adore and need more of. I mean until the age of 15 I lived in tracksuit bottoms, now look how far I have come! 

The legs were slightly to long for me though, so I had to roll them up a couple of times meaning I lost the slight slit detail on the ankle but I don't think it takes too much away from it. It would have been nice for sure, but it is not a deal breaker. I think these trousers add a real touch of chic to the look and that colour, well it speaks for itself! 

I then added a scarf into one of the loop holes to add a little bit more colour to the look and tie it all together. Scarves like this are not just to be worn on the head or neck after all they are a piece of fabric that can be worn in anyway, anywhere so be adventurous and have a play around. That is all I do anyway. 

I love the colours of this scarf as it can be worn so many different ways, with so many different outfits. I mean picture this.... a baggy pair of boyfriend jeans, white tee, topknot ponytail and this tied around your hair to disguise the band adds a pop of colour to an otherwise simple look. Oh, and guess where it is from yes again it is ZARA! 

This top is also super cute with it's ruffle detailing around the shoulders, and in such a bold shade of yellow there is no way anyone can not see you coming!

The lose fit of the body hides a multitude of syns as well as making it perfect for those warmer days in the Summer or on holiday when you do not want to be wearing tight uncomfortable clothing. It also has elastic around the bottom of the sleeves creating a billowing effect which is really flattering and adds a playful side to the garment. 

Now, I know a lot of people will be put off of off the shoulder tops. Wow that was a lot of offs. But don't be with this one. The shoulder part of the top is slightly detached from the main bodice meaning it stays in place and does not more. HALLELUJAH!!!!! 

Shoes, now these stilettos I have had for a couple of years now and I thought they would finish the look perfectly. If I am honest I had completely forgotten about them, yes I am a shopaholic, shopaholic, yes I have a problem but I am doing NOTHING ABOUT IT! So now I have found them again I just loved that they were going to add that final pop of colour to my outfit, why haven't I worn these shoes more often? They make my legs look longer, they keep my feet secure and they are really flattering...

Later on that evening I found out why... My feet are destroyed, I have the biggest blisters on the back of my feet I have ever had and I was in agony later in the evening walking back to my car. OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! I hate when you get blisters as they are always in the most awkward and common spots on your feet and leave you completely limited to flip flops for the week after. Damn you shoes, I thought we were friends!!!

Outfit Links:

Shoes- Primark

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Being a tourist with my girl gang in London

One thing this girl needs is her girl gang. I have a really small group of close friends, and I love every single one like they are my sisters. I am a big believer in quality rather than quantity. Which means I am so so close to my best friends, they are the biggest supporters an cheerleaders I could ever ask for and I don't know what I would do without them. Which is why when I get the chance to spend the day with them I just capture every single moment, and make the most of it. Oh and most importantly, when we leave each other I have a sore throat through talking so much, aching cheeks from laughing so much and an empty purse as they are both just as bad as me when it comes to shopping!!

For Christmas one of my girls Charlotte bought me a "Red Letter Days Cocktail Masterclass" voucher, now one thing this girl LOVES is a cocktail, and when myself and Charlotte get together they are most certainly on the agenda without a doubt! So who else would I take along to this other than her! 

To make a day of it though as it was only for a few hours in the evening we decided to head up a little bit earlier and meet one of my other closest friends in the whole world Gosia for lunch. Charlotte and Gosia have met a couple of times before, once in Bali- Yes I know we are all such globetrotting jet setters. So I knew we would get on perfectly together. I mean, three girls lunch, cocktails and a common interest in everything girly? Cause we will have plenty to talk about. I mean these girls put up with me so I am certain they have my turbulent life stories to talk about if all else failed anyway. My life is less than plain sailing and these two are always there. 

So I drove to Charlottes and then we got the train to Kings Cross where the beauty that is Gosia met us and we went and grabbed a quick coffee to pass some time before our lunch at an amazing restaurant Gosia had booked. There is something so joyful about arriving somewhere and someone else meeting you.. One day I will arrive at an airport and the love of my life will be waiting ready to declare his undying love for me. A girl can wish right? But we had the next best thing, my beautiful Gosia! 

So we got into Kings Cross and then walked to the most amazing organic restaurant ever Grain Store. Gosia had found them on the internet and I would highly recommend them. We walked in and we were too early for our table so we were directed to the bar, they know us too well. First things first the cocktail menu. We were served by an incredibly handsome waiter too, which made it even better -love a bit of eye candy on a Saturday afternoon!  I chose a fennel bellini, yes it sounds strange but it was so delicious I managed three. Sometimes you have to try something new and different and these were easily I would say in my top three cocktails I have ever had! 

We were halfway through our drink and our table was ready. Yes, food! We are all foodies and starving so couldn't wait to order and get gossiping with each other about our latest additions and dramas of life, like all girls do. When ordering from a new menu there is one thing to me that makes a huge difference when going out and that is choice. As I have mentioned a few times I am a vegetarian and I am allergic to nuts, which often means I am given the macaroni and cheese option, which some people love, but to me, no just no! 

I chose the sweet potato waffle, stewed peppers, baghdad egg, yoghurt sauce and barberries and I can tell you now it was AMAZING! The best food I have tasted in a very long time, full of flavour and the portion size was perfect. If you fancy an amazing meal and your vegetarian or not this place must not be missed! 

Sadly Gosia wasn't joining Charlotte and I on the cocktail masterclass so this was where we said bye. Even though it was a super quick catch up, it was worth it. I honestly don't know where I would be without this girl, she is amazing and I can't wait to see her again. Now to the cocktails!!!!!

The cocktail masterclass was held at Revolution bar in America Square, so we jumped on the tube and arrived with a few moments to spare. Both myself and Charlotte were so excited and couldn't wait to get started. We were checked in and taken to the front of the bar and awaited our masterclass to commence. As we were sat by the window. Natural lighting was on point, so had to take a selfie naturally! 

Myself and Charlotte have a similar taste when it comes to fashion, however we always style things completely differently, you might recognise her pink jacket as I have it in yellow, so we always have to send each other a text before we leave the house if we are meeting up as to avoid that awkward moment of wearing the same thing! In fact, the shoes I wore she also owns! Great minds think alike hey. But we didn't on this occasion, but it was very clear we both got the pink memo!!! 

I have linked all the items in this look in a previous blog post if you are interested in any of the bits I wore. It is literally all from Zara, can't get enough of that place at the moment. I am not normally a trouser kind of girl, but since wearing these at the weekend I went on to buy another pair in a different colour that will appear on my blog very soon as I wore them to an Urban Decay launch this week. 

So, back to the masterclass.

We were taken to the bar and put in a group of 12 in total. Everyone was really nervous at the beginning but as soon as the drinks began to flow everyone soon got into the mood and had a real giggle. 

We played games, that there was no way I was going to lose. I am so competitive, so the only option was to win! Which we did! We were shown how to make some of our favourite drinks and it was just an amazing way to spend an afternoon with my favourite girl and I made some amazing new friends along the way. We were taught how to mix, what all those cocktail making bits in those kits you buy do, and I couldn't wait to go home and try them all out.

It was also a great way of trying out new drinks you wouldn't normally try. I am a really safe person when it comes to trying new things. I know what I like and I hate to be disappointed so this way I am not. But I was feeling really brave and everything I tried I had never had before. Wahoo go me!!! 

I learnt I love cranberry juice, and vodka isn't as bad as I once thought! 

The masterclass lasted about an hour and a half and then we were taken over to the booths where we were given this humongous plate of snacks. Carbs were most certainly needed at this point, as we were all feeling the effects of the masterclass shall we say. 

The platter included, squid, cheese and tomato pizza, pepperoni pizza, chicken gougons, mini burgers, chips, and flat breads. I was starving, and to be honest I think I demolished the majority of this to myself as another couple didn't eat there's so we had it. Result! 

If you are looking for an amazing unique gift for one of your girls for their birthday or a special occasion I would HIGHLY recommend this as a gift. Both myself and my best friend had an amazing time. We made some new friends and it was a great opportunity to forget all about lives problems and stresses and to just have a good time! 

If you want to book a masterclass or to buy a voucher then here is a link to the red letter days webpage. Also sign up to the news letter to receive emails when there are discounts on them! 

Links to the places we visited:

Friday, 19 May 2017

Rock it in red

My thing at the moment is to just add slight accenting pops of colours into outfits in order to make them feel all summery. Why is it that the Sun never makes an appearance on your days off or when you have something super summery to wear? Come on weather, work with us. We have planned out OOTD down to precision, worked it out in our heads, bought something new I mean the least you can do is show us some sunny weather. But no! Saying that though, one thing I am not when it comes to fashion and styling myself is either practicality or weather dependant. I will wear it and I will freeze, my feet will hurt. It is all in the name of fashion and looking good after all! 

If you are an avid Instagram scroller like myself, then I am almost certain you will have seen this top appearing numerous times on your news feed being worn numerous different ways, which if I am honest is what drew me to it in the first place. It is most definitely giving me versatility vibes and is going to be an essential when packing for future holidays.

Due to its wrap around detailing means that it can be pulled in super tight enabling you to show off your figure and it is so flattering and will honestly work for all body shapes and sizes. My mum has even bought this top in a different pattern (which I wish I had chosen if I am honest) so it just shows it is also perfect for any age.

The fabric is really hard to describe, but it is really rather thick it also disguises all lumps and bumps, making it the perfect option if your going for a meal out to disguise any bloating. Yes, I plan my outfit around how much I am planning on eating, surely I am not the only one?

I decided to wear it slightly off one shoulder just because I always like to wear things in a slightly different way to how they are meant to be styled. That is that inner rebel coming out who does not like to conform. I also find collar bones so attractive on a woman, so this was the perfect way to wear it for me. 

I love the red colour, I don't normally go for reds but bit the bullet with this one, and I have to say I will be buying more and more in red as it doesn't clash with my hair at all. I think someone told me when I was younger that redheads couldn't wear red, when in actual fact we can ROCK IT IN RED!

I then tied the red into my shoes as well with these shoes I had completely forgotten about from Topshop. I love it when that happens, they are so comfortable, I am a sucker for a pointy toe at the moment and the red and faux black snake skin tied in the whole outfit perfectly and brought the look to life. 

For jeans I went for a light wash ripped high waisted pair from River Island that I love. These are  a slight boyfriend relaxed fit and I feel like they just add that Summer edge to the look- see I am trying!

These jeans are the perfect amount of rip without looking like I have battled someone on my way out of the house. The fray on the hems also makes them different from a lot of my other jeans. I actually think  they were meant to be three quarter length jeans but on me they are the perfect ankle grazers that look amazing with a pair of heels!

Outfit Links:

Jeans- River Island (No longer online)
Heels- Topshop (Last Season)